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Build complete digital customer onboarding journey 


Opening a Demat and trading account involves collecting and verifying physical documents, post which the actual onboarding processes start. There is huge resource cost in this entire process, which also suffers from potential for manual mistakes.


Zoop has solutions for every step of onboarding a customer for a stocks and securities system. Simplify the verifications, onboarding and contracting process into a minutes-long automated step.

Zoop offers APIs for:

  • PAN card verification
  • offline Aadhaar verification
  • Bank account verification,
  • Facial recognition and
  • Multi-page Aadhaar e-sign

which enables brokerage firms to onboard verified customers as per SEBI norms.

Why we recommend integrating Zoop's solutions

How it Works


Integrate with zoop.one

Integrating with zoop.one is very easy , we have observed that integration can be completed in 2-3 hours . Zoop.One provdes REST API whch are very simple to integrate just like plug and play


Onbaord your customer in 10 min

Zoop.one have API stack which can completely onboard a user on any trading platform in 10 min. APIs like PAN, Aadhaar , account verification, face match and multipage aadhaar esign which would help stock broker to onboard and verify customer according to SEBI norms


Get user permissioned and realtime data

Once user provide the permission and provide the input we will provide you the data at backend

Securities, Demat and Mutual Funds

Zoop.one provides complete API stack which will help companies to build complete digtal customer onboarding journey in short span of time

  • Pan verification
  • Selfie liveness check
  • Aadhar offline verification
  • OCR
  • Face match
  • Name match
  • Bank account verification
  • Aadhar esign

Zoop products recommended by us and trusted by clients for onboarding customers

Reduce fraud and faster onboarding

Identity verification can onboard and verify customers instantly . KYC can be completed within a minute with no physical verification.

Avoid collecting cancelled checks and bank statements

Bank account verification can be completed with penny drop mechanism , no soft copy of cancelled cheque and bank statement required

No need of verifying income manually

ITR and bank statements can be verified to verify the income proof of the customer instantly without uploading any soft copy of income proof.

Save cost and time in wet signing a document.

eSigning contract provides flexibility to investors to sign contracts anywhere, anytime with no physical printout required.

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