OCR  extracts all the information from the ID card formats like the PAN Card,  Aadhaar card and Voter ID card by just scanning or uploading a picture in a matter of seconds, bringing speed and reliability to data extraction and automated KYC form filling for a swifter customer onboarding. 


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Zoop’s ID card OCR* solution extracts information from ID card formats like the PAN Card, Aadhaar card and Voter ID card by simply scanning the card or uploading a picture of it. Results are generated near real-time.

Integrating with our solution brings speed and reliability to data extraction and enables the automation of form filling, for swifter customer services and increased customer satisfaction.

*OCR, Optical Character Recognition, enables you to convert any ID card into its digital equivalent.


Minimises The Chance Of Human Error


Enables Automated Filling Up Of Forms, Saving Significant Manual Efforts


Enables Seamless Customer Onboarding

Higher Uptime & Success Rates

Round-the-clock uptime of services and the highest success ratesfor flawless business continuity at scale.

Comprehensive Process Handling

All processes are streamlined and independent to ensure confident outputs derived from numerous checks

Flawless Bulk Operations

Conduct numerous verifications with utter simplicity and ease sans human intervention

How To Use The OCR API?

  • Click a picture of the ID card

  • Integrate OCR API into your system

  • Extract all the details as a response from the OCR API

Our ID card OCR solution is used by:
  • corporates and housing societies
  • libraries
  • healthcare institutions
  • educational institutions
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OCR stands for optical character regognition which wokrs on Google vision and mahcine learning algorithms. Where user just have to scan the photo or upload photo and all the text and picture data is provided in JSON format

Documents like PAN, AADHAAR card, VOTER ID and Driving license of some state can be scanned through current OCR API. You just need to scan the document or upload a clear photo of the document and OCR APi will extract all the information and provide you in JSON format