Aadhaar eSign

Aadhar eSign solves the problem of the wet signing of contracts and agreements between enterprises and individuals that are time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient.


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Zoop’s Aadhar eSign solution is a convenient alternative to the wet signing of contracts and agreements between enterprises and individuals, bringing benefits of saved time and money and added convenience. Under provisions of Information Technology Act, Aadhar eSigns are admissible in a court of law, making this solution’s impact immense.


Legally Valid


Built-in Security


Multipage And Multi-user Signature Support

Simpify processes, grow your business

  • Integrating with our solution is an efficient way for your business to finalise agreements, with minimal manual intervention

  • Track the status of signed contracts and easily follow-up in cases where necessary

  • Supports multi-user authentication

Facilitates Legally Valid Signatures

Under provisions of Information Technology Act, Aadhar eSign are admissible in a court of law.

Secured Online Service

eSign user’s private key is destroyed immediately after one-time use to enhance security and prevent misuse

Multipage and Multi-user Signature

Users can sign multipage documents with few clicks. In case of multi-user signature documents can be signed sequentially.

How To Integrate Multipage Aadhaar ESign SDK

  • Fill the enquiry form link

  • Integrate the Aadhaar eSign SDK

  • Sign up with mobile number and review document

  • Verify your Aadhaar number through UIDAI and sign the document using Aadhaar eSign

You can use this API for
  • Opening of Demat account
  • Sign loan contracts before disbursal
  • Sales contract and NDA signing
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Gazette Notification No. 2015 Jan -GSR 61(E) Electronic Signature or Electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rules, 2015. Aadhaar eSigns are recognised as an accepted method of secure electronic signatures as part of the Second Schedule of the Information Technology Act, 2010 (IT Act)

eSign is typically a digital form of wet sign where the signer needs to sign a contact online instead of printing paper , signing and scanning through a printer. Aadhaar eSign is consent driven where customers have to provide its content through UIDAI received OTP. Aadhaar is just for eKYC purpose where a certified authority uses aadhaar details to generate a digital certificate of the signature which can be used to sign a document. Aadhaar eSign is issued by a certifying authority.

These excluded documents under the First Schedule are:
1. A negotiable instrument (other than a cheque) as defined in section 13 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (26 of 1881).
2. Power-of-attorney as defined in section 1A of the Powers-of-Attorney Act, 1882 (7 of 1882).
3. A trust as defined in section 3 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882 (2 of 1882).
4. A will as defined in clause (h) of section 2 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925 (39 of 1925), including any other testamentary disposition by whatever name called.
5. Any contract for the sale or conveyance of immovable property or any interest in such property.

The signature certificate associated with your Aadhaar eSign is only valid for 30 minutes. The private key is then destroyed to prevent any misuse. However, this doesn’t mean that the transaction you agreed to while signing is invalid. This ensures more security while digitally signing documents.
Revocation of certificate is not required as the certificate validity is only 30 minutes, and the private key is deleted immediately after the signature is created.

Aadhaar based eSign can be used by businesses as well as by individuals for signing different kinds of agreements and contracts except individuals who don’t have aadhaar link with their mobile number. Aadhaar eSign can be used to sign contracts like loan agreement, demat and trading account contract, sales agreement, NDA and many more.