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We assume you don't know us !

Our platform aims to bring a change in the current KYC process and make it extremely secure and consent-driven by enabling users with a Universal Digital Identity. Zoop.One powers the futuristic business onboarding process, enabling Identity, merchant, financial and asset verification very unconventionally. We are working towards building one digital identity for all, ever accessible, ever helpful


What makes us stand out

Cutting-edge Technology

Global Clientele

Rewards and Support

Diversified Workforce

Transparency and Openness

Blessings in Disguise

Learning Stipends to help nurture. Fitness Subscriptions to keep you electric. Entertainment Subscriptions to Keep you grooving. Conferences to keep you improvised on your skills and travel options to take you to places.

Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Zoopoids love to take time off from work be it our annual outings covering the beaches and the mountains or Developers time off, we do it all!

Such is the time in which it has become imperative to realize the importance of our health and the cost it comes with. We take care of your health care needs through our premium insurance policies.

Ownership being our core value, we believe in you own the right to our success too. Equity options provide you a fair share fueled by your contributions, ready to utilise in the nearest future.

Our culture that defines us

01. People first approach

Our introductory chats are amazingly candid. We love meeting people who are confident about their individuality and authenticity works wonders. We value persona over skills and talent any day.

02. Your Comfort is Our Priority

Our first order of business is to make you comfortable. Let you find your sweet spot and golden hours. Let you rock when you want to rock. You can take the day off if you feel grumpy.

03. Extra freedom to grow,
extra room to know

Work is fun when there is learning required, everyone has extra room to wise up on things that matter to you. You are free to eat your mentor’s brains. You can seriously geek everyone out. 

04. Find Your best interests
and nail it

Come for a role in marketing and make a career in tech. There’s no lockdown, at Zoop you are free to explore your interests, inclinations, and passion. We love people who can wear many hats.

What we preach and practice

We Believe Diversity and Inclusivity to be our core Principles for driving the work Force. Productivity is our top priority followed by Continuous Team outing Crazy Parties we Live at work. Our Values that we Abide By: They Showcase Our Culture and we always tend to assimilate them in everything we do. Our Strength is our cultural Diversity we nurture Different opinions and take into consideration varied perspectives coming from a diverse background of our people.


Our Biggest Investment Is Our People, that is why we take immense Pride calling our HR Team Humans Assets Department as resources is to exhaust we believe in nurturing and constant development.

I am surrounded by really smart and jovial people, there is always so much to learn from them and their talents.
Mobile Developer
I don't hesitate in sharing my raw thoughts, never. A sense of mutual respect among the team is rare, and I find it here everyday.
Quality Assurance Manager

A Sneak Peak into Life at Zoop.One

We are currently looking for

We are growing and always looking for talented & passionate people who want to be part of our growth.

Take a look at some of our current openings.

Experience Required: 1-4 years

No of open positions : 4

We are looking for a full-stack developer with  3+ years of experience in NodeJS and frontend technologies like HTML/CSS/JS + ReactJS + VueJS

  • Strong Coding Skills
  • Experience building scalable products
  • 3+ years of experience in NodeJS with an understanding of callbacks, async/await, promises, asynchronous functions, usage of third-party libraries, ExpressJS, PassportJS etc
  • Good command over Data Structure, Algorithms
  • Experience working with NoSQL & SQL Databases like Mysql, MongoDB, ElasticDB, Redis etc
  • Good design skills
  • The ability to produce bug-free, production-grade code in a fast moving environment
  • Knowledge of Go, Docker, and Kubernetes is a plus.

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Experience Required: 4+ years 

No of open positions : 1

We are looking for stellar Software Engineers to work on the team developing the KYC Platform services and Software Development Kits (SDK).


  • Develop new and enhance existing micro-services, libraries, and features that form our B2B KYC platform.
  • Create and document APIs, Queue Contracts to be consumed by other services
  • Work closely with the Product and Engineering Leads to implement features following best design principles and patterns.
  • Participate in all phases of the development cycle – plan, design, implement, review, test, deploy, document, and training.
  • Help junior developers with best practices like TDD etc. and make sure their code meets the standards. Educate them continuously to improve overall team performance and work quality.


  •  Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals, good grip on algorithms, data structures software design principles & design patterns
  • Development experience (> 3 to 6 years )
  • Good command either over Golang, NodeJS and one scripting language, or C++ and a scripting language
  • Interest and ability to quickly learn and ramp-up on new languages and technologies
  • Ability to write production-quality code with minimum supervision in a fast moving environment. 


  • Distributed, large-scale systems running at large scale
  • Distributed platforms which use Kafka, Elasticsearch, Cassandra or similar systems
  • Cloud environments (e.g., Docker, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes etc.,)
  • Asynchronous programming patterns (e.g., Goroutines / Channels, NodeJS Async Programming)
  • Experience in CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Delivery), AGILE work environments
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve issues on distributed systems

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Experience Required: 6+ years

No of open positions : 1


  • Help build a scalable product by going above and beyond the usual means of software development

  • Lead design of major software components in the large system

  • Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and Maintain the software systems

  • Prioritize and manage deliverables in a fast moving environment

  • Mentor and train other team members on design techniques and coding


  • Experience in software development using general purpose programming languages (C / C++ / Java / Python / Javascript / C# / go / Objective-C) with mastery over at least one them

  • Experience in architecting, developing and launching distributed systems design

  • Interest and ability to learn new coding languages and new technologies

  • Primary skills: Microservice-based architecture, Software Architecture, Webservices, Cloud Applications


  • Demonstrated experience in one or more of the following:  Infrastructure Development, Machine Learning, Mobile Application development, Security and privacy

  • Experience in tackling ambiguous problems with simple solutions

  • Demonstrated hands-on technical leadership that resulted into measurable impact

  • Secondary Skills: IPC, RPC, Threading, Asynchronous Communication, OS

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Experience Required: 3 to 4 years 

No of open positions : 1


  • Collecting and interpreting data using statistical techniques.
  • Analysing results and implement other strategies that optimise statistical efficiency and quality.
  • Reporting the results back to the relevant members of the business.
  • Identifying patterns and trends in data sets.
  • Filter and clean and enrich data to enhance the quality for analysis.
  • Working alongside teams within the business or the management team to establish business needs.
  • Working closely with the Product Team to establish usage analytics within products.


  • Strong knowledge of and experience with reporting packages (Business Objects etc), databases (SQL, No SQL etc).
  • Strong hold in Python and optimised noSql and Sql database queries is a must.
  • Should have experience in building dashboards that can be used for continuous tracking of matrices around products and business.
  • Should have knowledge of tracking user behavior and find bottlenecks and friction points.
  • Knowledge of statistics and experience using statistical packages for analysing datasets (Excel, SPSS, SAS etc).
  • Experience in data models and reporting packages.
  • Ability to analyse large datasets.
  • Ability to write comprehensive reports.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • An analytical mind and inclination for problem-solving.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Experience working with open source software is a plus.
  • A degree in any of the following subjects Preferred: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics.

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Experience Required:3+ years

No of open positions : 1

The Cloud Engineer will be working with the engineering team and focusing on the cloud infrastructure and automation.They have to lead the Infrastructure as a Code theme.

The Engineer will work closely with engineers, and head of the engineering to manage and automate our cloud infrastructure.


  • Design and implement scalable, highly available and secure cloud infrastructure

  • Work collaboratively with software engineering to define infrastructure and deployment requirements

  • Provision, configure and maintain AWS and GCP cloud infrastructure defined as code

  • Troubleshoot problems across number of services deployed on various platforms

  • Build and maintain operational tools for deployment, monitoring, and analysis of AWS infrastructure and systems

  • Perform infrastructure cost analysis and optimization


  • At least 4-5  years of experience building and maintaining AWS and GCP infrastructure

  • Strong understanding of how to secure cloud environments, and meet compliance requirements

  • Experience working with Kubernetes is a must

  • Experience setting up CI/CD pipelines from ground up

  • Strong understanding of build tools and maintaining version control

  • Hands on experience with deployment strategies like Blue-Green etc

  • Hands-on experience deploying and managing infrastructure with Terraform

  • Experience with Docker, Git, and other day-to-day tools.


  • Previous exposure to large microservice architecture, deployed across multiple regions
  • Previous startup experience would be a huge plus

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Experience Required:3+ years

No of open positions : 1

The successful candidate will be intelligent, accomplished, and energetic as demonstrated by his professional credentials. They will be passionate about working with data. This position requires creative and proactive critical thinking skills, an insatiable appetite for exploring new technologies related to real-time web automation/scraping.

 Individuals with additional experience in document and image analysis, business analytics, financial data analysis and risk management matters will be preferred.


  • Work closely with the product team to fetch real-time data and design complex scraping flows to extract information from multiple sources.

  • Research new data sources independently to document scraping methods, infra requirements along with scaling and monitoring strategies.

  • Continuously optimise the products for performance and cost per transaction.

  • Acquire, clean, standardize, transform, structure, and store data.

  • Develop modules to extract data from documents and identify entities and relationships.

  • Perform exploratory analysis on datasets to identify potential insights.

  • Help other team members with optimising data models and analytics.

  • Maintain data integrity and consistency across multiple databases and applications.

  • Build dashboards and visualizations to convey status, changes, and analysis of data.

  • Research and learn new frameworks, languages, and technologies as needed.


  • Expertise in Web crawling and scraping (i.e. Scrapy, Selenium, BS4 etc).

  • Knowledge of working with Page Models, JS Rendering, Pop Ups, Tabs, IP Proxies, and Captchas.

  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases (i.e PostgreSQL, MongoDB/DynamoDB, Neo4J).

  • Knowledge of API Development using frameworks like flask.

  • Knowledge of machine learning libraries/frameworks is essential.

  • Demonstrated experience in self-directed, primary-source research.

  • Extracting, cleaning, and structuring data from unstructured or semi-structured sources like PDF, Text Files, Log files etc

  • Proficiency in Python is a must.


  • Good to have knowledge of serverless/container technologies for scraping like docker, cloud functions, google cloud run or similar.

  • Good to have knowledge of Search frameworks like Elasticsearch or similar.

  • Good to have knowledge of queue systems like Kafka, RabbitMQ for data pipelines.

  • Familiarity with data visualization tools and libraries (i.e. D3.js, Seaborn).

  • Professional engineering habits, including TDD, design patterns, code comments, design documentation, and version control (Git).


  • 2+ years relevant experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field, or equivalent self-study and demonstrated technical proficiency.


  • Knowledge of image processing and OCR for data extraction (like Tesseract)
  • Knowledge of Text Analysis using NLP Frameworks
  • Immediate joining within a month

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Experience Required: 5 to 9 years 

No of open positions : 1

We are Looking for a Business Head who will be closely working with the Founding team. Role will include mapping and planning the revenue and P&L; goals for the business unit and responsible for driving revenue and growth for the company’s primary product line.


  •  Forging, Developing and Maintaining relationships with customers, and internal teams and Identifying, fostering and maturing new business opportunities.
  • Monitoring and ensuring cost effective use of funds for overheads, incentive payout, marketing strategies.
  • Managing relationships with Banks and Financial institutions, NBFCs and cracking high revenue accounts.
  • Creating and pitching Product Presentations to prospective clients.
  • Working closely with key stakeholders, which includes the sales, technology & product teams also Working on strategies for retention and referrals to increase company revenue.
  • Motivating and monitoring the complete team and helping them to achieve the overall targets and business objective.
  • Responsible for mapping competitors – pricing, product features and distribution channels to ensure we are ahead on the curve. Will be a part of product and pricing to ensure both growth and profitability.
  • Responsible for the collective target achievement of business development unit.
  • Responsible for product innovation, customer experience, channel strategy and P&L; management.
  • Driving revenue growth in the budgeted financial and team resources, ensuring the company becomes the fastest growing, scalable Platform.


  • Excellent knowledge of the Indian Financial Services landscape, and deep understanding of Payments / Banking / Financial Services.
  • Ability to set clear measurable objectives, delegate responsibilities, assess, recognise and reward performance.
  • Has an impressive track record in sales, operation and general management in B2B Sales
  • Come with an impressive track record of work in the KYC & Fintech domain.
  • Significant experience in setting up, managing and leading a high performing team.
  • Strong leadership with excellent influencing, communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent business analytical skills.
  • Experience in integrating customer needs, product design and technology.
  • Highly motivated individual with an entrepreneurial drive to excel.
  • Strong understanding of technology and business.


  • You would have worked in B2B sales profiles for banks and financial institutions or experience of sales in Fintech Companies.
  • Should be from Technical Background who has fair understanding of KYC Space, API and Fintech ecosystem.
  • You would have handled a team in your previous role.
  • You would have 6-10 years of sales experience in the BFSI and Fintech .

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Experience Required: 5+ years 

No of open positions : 1

As an Enterprise Sales Manager, you will directly impact how our business moves and succeeds by helping new clients grow their businesses.


  • Customer Onboarding: Understanding client needs and offering solutions and support; answering potential client questions and follow-up call questions responding to client requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • Creating and maintaining a list/database of prospect clients
  • Maintaining databases (Pipedrive, CRM, Excel, etc.) of prospective client information.
  • Perform market analysis and competitor due diligence
  • Communications, Team Management, Sales Management, Analytics.
  • Manage complex contract negotiations and work with legal counsel as required


  • You know all the key players in your assigned market and build great relationships with them.
  • You understand your client’s business, knowing exactly which of our products can help them evolve their business.
  • You identify new and innovative use cases for Zoop’s products.
  • You have an excellent overview of the business and are up-to-date with the latest industry trends as well as the competition.
  • Clients with whom you cooperate are satisfied and they show it by stable and/or increased usage of service.
  • The number of clients is consistently increasing, by building a healthy pipeline of accounts in the region you are covering.


  • Experience of dealing with the company large enterprise team
  • Experience of having closing the deals which have potential to generate revenue of at least 1cr
  • Strong presentation skills are required, both in person and via teleconference or videoconference.
  • Experience of selling Saas based products in BFSI industry
  • Must possess strong Negotiation skills, Analytical and problem solving.

More About You:

  • You are an A-Player, Sales professional looking to develop your career in a high-growth environment, with 5-8 years of professional experience in sales/client relations.
  • You have great listening skills, being able to quickly identify clients’ pain points.
  • You take proactive and creative approaches to attend to clients’ needs.
  • You are able to present products and ideas with ease, confidence and persistence.
  • Your communication skills are excellent.
  • You are a highly motivated self-starter, who is hungry to win, always looking to push your own limits.

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Zoop.one is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at the company. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Be a part of the ever-changing tech landscape, learn and work with a diverse pool of talent. Find yourself in an engaging and challenging work environment, where you can not only showcase your talent but also hone your skills.