Optical Character Recognition – OCR

OCR  extracts all the information from the ID card formats like the PAN Card,  Aadhaar card and Voter ID card by just scanning or uploading a picture in a matter of seconds, bringing speed and reliability to data extraction and automated KYC form filling for a swifter customer onboarding. 


Auto-fill KYC forms in less than a second


Reduce friction during the customer onboarding process


Handle error prone data filling flawlessly
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Higher Uptime & Success Rates

Round-the-clock uptime of services and the highest success ratesfor flawless business continuity at scale.

Comprehensive Process Handling

All processes are streamlined and independent to ensure confident outputs derived from numerous checks

Flawless Bulk Operations

Conduct numerous verifications with utter simplicity and ease sans human intervention

How to use the OCR API?

  • Click a picture of the ID card
  • Integrate OCR API into your system
  • Extract all the details as a response from the OCR API
Extract and analyse all meta-data from all kinds of ID cards in real-time and speed up onboarding using our APIs.
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