One Identity Platform

In the middle of a digital revolution,  Zoop is building a framework of trust, with verification services for businesses and consumers.

One Identity,

In the middle of a digital revolution,  Zoop is building a framework of trust, with verification services for businesses and consumers.

The Digital Identity Revolution

Digital identities are here to stay; Zoop allows you to tap into this potential by providing you with several identity verification services built on our decentralized identity management platform.


In India, over 90% of the people have an Aadhar card. By using Zoop’s Aadhar KYC service, you can easily verify the details of all 1.2 billion people on the Aadhar network.

The World Bank Group and ID2020 aim to create legal digital identities for every human by 2030, aligning to Zoop’s vision to make every human connected by digital identities. Be a part of the revolution by integrating with ZoopID, and other Zoop services.


The valuation of the identity verification market is predicted to more than double from $7.6 billion in 2020 to $15.8 billion in 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15.6% for these five years. By integrating with Zoop’s services, you are ensuring you leverage these numbers for your own growth.

Zoop has designed highly secure proprietary APIs to help ease your identity verification tasks.

What is an API? It is the simplest way for you to interact with our code.

No downloads, no software.

Once you complete your registration with us, you are merely minutes away from using our solutions.

You no longer need to spend precious hours chasing your customers for paperwork!

Our APIs will enable you to automate manual processes and can easily be integrated into your current systems.

Prioritising Privacy, Always

Zoop's systems are designed to act as digital vaults for your data. Once we validate your data, it stays hidden even from us! Zoop has been acknowledged for adhering to the highest security standards.

Why Zoop is the best bet you can make for your identity solution partner

Negligible down-time

Our services are built in the cloud, making our APIs always available and auto-scalable to meet your needs.

High success rate

We also provide you with a dashboard to help you track the performance of our APIs.

Seamless integration

Integrate our solutions into your websites or apps easily.

Negligible latency

Identity verification will no longer be the bottleneck in your customer onboarding journey!

Multiple payment plans

We have various transparent pricing plans: Choose from the multiple schemes we offer to best suit your needs.

Intelligent KYC

Every verification on Zoop helps finetune our KYC network of multiple sources for better stability and scalability.

Redefining Regulations

With an increased need to simplify the regtech industry, Zoop enables companies to improve the efficiency of their regulatory reporting, risk and data management processes.

Our comprehensive verification-as-a-service offerings ensure you stay compliant.


We are revolutionising the digital identity landscape

Securing Individuals

ZoopId lets you keep your identity proofs and documentation in your personal digital wallet, bringing you privacy, portability, and persistence. Simplify your life, stay secure.

Empowering Businesses

ZoopOne's identity solutions enable companies to build reliable KYC, AML, account onboarding, access control, and authorisation solutions.

Real-world Implementations

Zoop.one provides complete API stack which will help companies to build complete digtal customer onboarding journey in short span of time

Use our solutions to onboard your customers faster and increase their satisfaction with your services and reducing the turn-around time for requests, by leveraging Zoops identity and financial verification services.

Use Zoop’s services to build enhanced KYC and AML solutions and ensure protection against fraud.

Take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence-based identity and financial verification services to validate people against their government IDs.

Leverage our solutions to verify customer details without the need for manual intervention.

Our eSigning contract provides flexibility to investors to sign contracts anywhere, anytime, with no physical printouts required.

For services that have age restrictions, use Zoop;s identity verification services to monitory the age of your customers.

Transform your workplace by integrating our digital IDs into your workplace access control.

Zoop makes provisioning access smooth, easy and safe.

Building access control

Zoop provides essential services for gathering regulatory and statistical data.