Digital Customer

Programmatically onboard your customer using our platform. 
Build better solutions by integrating with Zoop's verification solutions

Realise The True Potential Of Data

When we set out to resolve the inconveniences around identity verification, we wanted to make sure nobody is left out from gaining from the benefits we offer. Hence, we have solutions for every domain:

Identity Verification

PAN, Aadhar, Driving License & Voter

Merchant Verification

GST, CIN, UDYAM, FSSAI & Business Reporting

Machine Learning & AI

OCR, Face match, &
Face liveness

Financial Verification

Penny Drop & IFSC check

Digital Sign

Aadhar eSign &
Email / Whatsapp eSign

What we want to do

1. Enable you to do more, Faster and Safer

Zoops API products empower you to significantly reduce the time spent in manual verification checks

2. Reduce your team's workload significantly

Tasks that used to require hours of effort while dealing with mounds of paperwork can be achieved in minutes

3. Enable you to introduce new services with enhanced security

Leverage the time you save by using our various ready-made solutions to create more sophisticated solutions

We collaborate with 200+ leading companies

Why our customers chose us?

01. High API Success Rate​

API success rate is the true indicator of your app experience. We won’t settle for errors that take down your application.


02. Simplified Pricing

Using zoop, you only pay for what you use. As you scale, we work with you to design volume and commitment based discounts.


03. Enriched data

We provide you the most granular information associated with the API at shutter speeds and utter reliability.


04. Negligible Latency

Latency is a thing of the past, we provide blazing responses regardless of the enormity and complexity of your data.


Take your ideas from localhost to the world

Bringing your idea to life is easier with the right tools. Build digital customer onboarding journey with a few lines of code.

Cloud Powered

We’re built in the cloud. Our API is always available, continuously upgraded, and auto-scales to meet your needs.

Fully Featured Out Of The Box

Enable your Zoop powered app to do everything from identity, business, asset to financial verification via a single platform.

Build Intelligent KYC

Every verification on Zoop helps finetune our KYC network of multiple sources for better stability and scalability.

We can’t wait to see what you build.