Zoop ID

Frictionless identity at your fingertips.

Zoop ID is the digital vault you can trust. Securely store your personal information and access it with just a single click.

Zoop ID protects your privacy

Built on the principles of trust, security and utility, ZoopID is built to ensure your data is always safe. Once you load all your ID cards and documentation onto ZoopID, the data is securely encrypted and never leaves your phone, ensuring that no one other than you ever has access to it (not even us!)

Advanced biometrics scanning to ensure your data is acessible by only you

You share only the required details, and no extra information

Trusted by regulators to adhere to the best security standards

Download once. Use everywhere.

  • Zoop ID for businesses

    Provide your clients and employees with a convenient means to prove their identities. Sign up with us to use our app to offer a convenient, fast and simplified means of identification.

  • Zoop ID for individuals

    Free yourself by using ZoopID to prove your identity. No more forgotten identity proofs. No need to organize paperwork. A one-time registration to unlock your access to the world.

Use Zoop ID to prove your identity everywhere you go.
  • Student ID cards
  • Staff ID cards
  • Simplifying KYC onboarding processes
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
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Zoop.ID doesn’t store any of your data. Nobody can, except you.

Your data is stored securely on your phone in an encrypted vault

The advanced biometric technology allows you to enter and prevents others from doing so.

Your data will only be seen by them if you consent to sharing

We are passionate about protecting your privacy, and we aim to make identity management easier and safer for everyone. 

Zoop’s digital vault protects your digitized information from server hacks, data breaches, and misuse by third parties while it is stored on your phone. When you digitize your data into the Zoop app, it is encrypted and stored on your phone.

App data is always in your control. Any information you share with a person, organization, or government department must have your explicit consent.

Well, there are a lot of possibilities, but let’s start at the beginning:

  • Store verified digital copies of your identification documents securely so that they are always accessible
  • Save time by securely retrieving your data anywhere
  • Pack light and leave your cards at home
  • Digital identity documents and cards are sent directly to your Zoop app, issued by a growing number of organizations
  • Whenever you consent to such a request, your data will be exchanged with the highest security standards available
  • When you are not required to show your date of birth or address, just share the minimum necessary data, such as your age
  • Record all identity sharing requests and activities in a detailed audit trail
  • Membership, loyalty, and gift cards with a scannable image, such as a barcode or QR code, will work just like the plastic cards

Zoop would not allow this. 

To ensure that you are, in fact, you, you go through a simple, rigorous process when setting up an app.  You take a selfie, pass a liveness check, and Zoop uses the most advanced facial recognition software, biometrics, and artificial intelligence to verify that the person is the owner of the identity documents in that instant.

Don’t worry, don’t panic! First of all, only you can access your Zoop app, using either your own PIN number, your touch ID (when enabled) or a selfie.  Unlocking your account is only possible using a biometric selfie match even if someone tries guessing your PIN.

Despite the most sophisticated hacker stealing your phone, the data in your Zoop App is protected with the highest level of security so that it is impossible for the bad guy to use your app.