ITR Analyser

ITR Analysis provides you a detailed analysis of the customer income tax filing for the required fiscal years. It also reveals the customers income streams and better classify the financial status


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Zoop’s ITR Analysis provides you with a detailed analysis of the customer income tax filings.

It also reveals the customers income streams and helps better classify the financial status of your customers.


Reduced Fraud And Forged Claims


Auto Classification On The Basis Of Employment Status


Paperless Financial Verification

Use our ITR Analyzer service to:

  • Give instant loans - Lenders use our financial data services to check credit worthiness of their customers.

  • Make verified partner payouts - Make payouts to verified accounts to eliminate manual errors and identify fraudulent accounts.

  • Verify customers - Online gaming industry requires internal governance to avoid underage users and fraudsters. Secure your platform by verifying player’s identity and account information.

Reduced Fraud and Forged Claims

Direct fetch of ITR will reduce the possibility of fudge data by 100% across your operations on various levels.

Paperless Financial Verification

ITR information gets fetched from the income tax portal directly without any manual intervention.

Auto-verified Income

Businesses don’t need to verify user income manually from various sources moving forward.

How To Integrate ITR API?

  • Fill the enquiry form link

  • Integrate pan verification API

  • Provide Pan number and DOB as input

  • Enter the OTP sent by IT department and extarct the details of ITR

You can use this API for
  • Credit underwriting of loan & life insurance
  • Digital Income Proof
  • Employer Verification
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There are two methods by which you can fetch user ITR details:

For new customers:

Its a two step process where users have to share a pan number, mobile number and DOB in the first step and OTP from email and mobile that the user has received from the income tax department in the second step.

After completing the above process user will be added to zoop ITR portal and our API will be able to provide the ITR details

2. Login to the ITR API with income tax India e-filing credentials

For existing customers:

Customers who are already added to the zoop portal will receive mobile OTP on a registered number form zoop.one parent company quagga tech. After OTP authentication we will be able to fetch ITR details of the customer.

26AS form is the document which got updated quarterly with income and tax details. It includes below details:
1. Details of tax deducted by the employer.
2. Advanced tax paid details of user.
3. Details of refund received from tax department.
4. Details of all the income, like salary, FD interest, bank interest, rent income and etc.
5. Details of high value transactions in respect of shares and mutual funds etc.

ITR1 form generally filled by the individuals who are residents of India and earning less than 50lakh from below sources:

1. Salary/pension
2. Income from one house property
3. Other income source

Individuals who are earning from business or have more than two properties or are salaried greater than 50 Lakhs cannot use this form.

You can use ITR as one of the POI and POA where you can use all the personal, identity and contact details of the user for onboarding purposes. These details are legit and already verified by the income tax department.

You can use these details in auto filling the KYC and personal details form. These processes will smoothen your customer journey and reduce the chance of wrong information and fraud.


We will not be able to provide you the information without user request or consent. We also want to make sure that we are providing the details of the same user which you have requested. To avoid such problems we have kept a mobile authentication process for the existing customers which are already registered on the portal.

ITR analysis is a 2 step process where you will be able to fetch 100+ data points from the customers last 3 year ITR and form 26 details in machine readable format. These details includes income details, personal details, tax details, saving details and income sources which can be combined with other data like bureau report, alternate data and can be consumed by various systems.

Decision rule engine for evaluation of customer
Customer relationship management tools like zoho, salesforce and analytical tools like SaS, Tableau for performance analysis and report generation.

ITR can help you in segmenting your customer on the basis of salary brackets , employer details, stability and many more. You can also use the data points for cross sell and customization of financial products.

No, it’s not possible to fetch ITR details in such cases where a customer hasn’t filed a single ITR till now as there is no account existed in such cases. For such cases you can use our BSA where you can fetch income and other details for the financial analysis.

We have observed that people earning below 250000 annually generally don’t file an ITR due to tax exemption but people earning between 250000 -500000 have to file an ITR as they come under 5% tax slab.To avail the tax refund then need to file a tax return at the end of the year.