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Onboarding, credit underwriting and KYC is a cumbersome process for banks and NBFCs. Collection of income proofs, transaction statements and KYC documents creates considerable work for the borrower and lender. It also increases the disbursal time of the loan as well as the cost of operation. Moreover, manual verification of documents always leads to increased fraud rates.


Zoop provides an efficient and streamlined process to a borrower and lender. Lender with verified KYC and Financial data can make more strong and robust decision

Why we recommend integrating Zoop's solutions

How it Works


Integrate with zoop.one

Integrating with zoop.one is very easy , we have observed that integration can be completed in 2-3 hours . Zoop.One provides REST API whch are very simple to integrate just like plug and play


Increase your conversion rate

Zoop API Can help you to onbaord customer digitally with ease and simplicity.You can onbaord customer and complete KYC in a matter of minute . You can verify PAN, AAdhaar , VoterID, DL and bank account digitllay without asking for phsical or soft copies of document


Get user permissioned and realtime data

Once user provide the permision and provide the input we will provide you the data at backend

Complete Onboarding and
KYC of a user

Zoop.one helps banks, fintech, broker and insurance company to onboard customer digitally and securely. Using Zoop.One API you can build hassle free journey on website and app

  • Voter id OCR      
  • Pan OCR  
  • DL OCR    
  • Passport OCR
  • Liveness check
  • Voter id verification  
  • PAN verification
  • Aadhaar offline verification
  • DL verification  
  • Passport verification
  • Facematch 
  • Name match
  • Bank statement analysis excel json
  • ITR analysis
  • Aadhar esign
  • Bank account verification

Zoop products recommended by us and trusted by clients for onboarding customers

Identity verification

Identity verification APIs for faster onboarding and minimising chances of fraud

Financial Verification

Financial verification APIs to make informed decisions regarding the financial status of a customer

OCR Solutions

OCR solution to enable automatic digitsation of identity cards, for quick data entry without manual erros

Bank Account Verification

Bank account verification to ensure the bank details are correctly processed and the process of money transfers is seamless, with no manual errors

eSign Solution

eSign solution for enhanced convenience and reduced turn-around time!

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"In banking or finance,
trust is the only thing you have to sell.”

― Patrick Dixon