Why ZoopSign is preferred for eSign requirements

A user friendly e signature product that enables users to sign on documents with no hassles. While a multiple-page contract can be eSigned with the blink of an eye ensuring the most vital part of security. The documents signed using loops are fast, convenient and most of all, legally acceptable.

Why  ZoopSign?

1.  Legally valid: Nothing holds relevance unless accepted by the court. The product has taken care of these essential criteria. Ensuring that the e signed documents using ZoopSign are legally valid makes it most popular among those looking for fast, reliable, and convenient e signature services.

2. Security: Finding out that your signatures have been leaked is not a piece of good news at all. At ZoopSign, we understand how important it is to keep your most valuable assets safe and secure. ZoopSign is integrated with your Aadhaar. This makes sure that it’s just you who can make the appropriate use, no one else.

3. Multipage, multi user: 100 pages contract, needs to be signed by five partners? Yes, a tedious task. But ZoopSign makes it easier for you. You can now sign multi page documents in just a few clicks, and multiple users can sequentially sign the form.

Benefits that ZoopSign brings along

In a world where each second is precious, one needs to decide how to use the time wisely. If the technology provides easy tricks and tips that can make our life easier, why not go with them. Here are some of the advantages that ZoopSign  brings along:

1. Sign anywhere: It enables you to sign anywhere, anytime, without any hassle. You don’t have to worry about approving the subordinates while on the go. ZoopSign takes care of every such trouble.

2. Reduced costs: Those millions of papers lying in the storeroom cannot be discarded. It is something that can be avoided. Cut down on the stationary cost, get rid of making an extra space for the confidential papers and live a stress-free life with ZoopSign.

3. Error-free: To err is human, but not the technology. It lets you track better and is free of any error whatsoever.


 E-signatures are not new to the users, but the advantages that ZoopSign carries along makes it stand apart from the crowd. The security feature, which enables the user to open the lock only with the phone number that has been registered with the aadhar card. ZoopSign has brought a revolution in bringing authenticity in the world of e signatures and significantly helping users get the work done faster and error-free.

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