Zoop ID for Individuals

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Simple. Seamless. Secure. Use Zoop ID to experience a seamless identity approval experience.

The 'Zoop ID' Experience

Security first. Simplicity too. Use Zoop ID as a digital vault for all your documentation. It’s as simple as:

Step 1

Download our app

Step 2

Fill in your details

Step 3

Upload pictures of your ID cards

Step 4

Get approved by Zoop

Step 5

Use the app everywhere you would normally use your identity card!

Your privacy is our priority. We promise.

You need control over your identity, especially how your data is collected and used. Around 1 in 15 people become victims of identity fraud! Use Zoop ID to keep yourself safeguarded. Zoop has kept security at the heart of all our systems. Your data is cryptographically encrypted, using the best-in-class security algorithms. Our systems are enhanced all the time, to ensure we are updated to keep you against all types of identity fraud.