Zoop ID for Businesses

Making workplaces simpler.

Empower your employees and clients by freeing them from needless paperwork and yet another identity card. Use ZoopID to provide a seamless identity verification experience. It’s the small things that count.

Seamless Security

Sign up with us to use our app to offer a convenient, fast and simplified means of identification

Step 1

Provide your clients and employees with a convenient means to prove their identities, without worrying about tampered records or manual mistakes.

Step 2

Zoop ID simplifies the identity check process, and can be integrated into workplaces to provide enhanced security protection.

Step 3

After completing their registration, user details are verified using Zoop's proprietary algorithms.

Step 4

Once a user is verified, they can start using Zoop to get access to restricted areas.

The 'ZOOP ID' Advantage
  • Transaparent access controls that are easy to manage
  • Reduced manual checks
  • Improved customer satisfaction