Offline Aadhaar Verification

Offline Aadhaar KYC is now possible with Aadhaar verification API and where user just need to follow the 2 step 1. Enter the Aadhaar number in the Aadhaar verification API 2. OTP sent by UIDAI for the Aadhaar number in the API for detail extraction.
Aadhaar verification API for helps businesses looking for an alternative to Aadhaar e-KYC and for those who are trying to automate their customer on-boarding and verification process using their app or web portal using Aadhaar.


We collaborate with 200+ leading companies


You can verify Aadhaar details in less than 15 sec


Aadhaar verification API helps in verification of DOB, Name and User Image


Easy integration of Aadhaar API with Android, IOS and Websites

Extraction of Multiple Data points

Verify customer details such as Name, Address, Gender, DOB & Photo 

Plug and Play Integration

Integrate the Aadhaar verification API in hours for Aadhaar verification

Real-Time Verification

Complete the user verification in real time with our Aadhaar verification API

How To Integrate And Verify Aadhaar Offline

  • Fill the enquiry form

  • Integrate Offline Aadhaar Verification API

  • Enter your Aadhaar number in the Aadhaar API and submit the OTP sent by UIDAI

  • Aadhaar offline XML will as well as User detail will be provided in JSON format

You can use this API for
  • Aadhaar Verification
  • Identity Verification and Aadhaar KYC
  • Customer Onboarding
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As per the Supreme Court verdict in 2018, only the Banking and Telecom industries can do Aadhaar Authentication using Biometric or OTP. None of the private entities can extract data from the UIDAI database. We provide Offline Aadhaar KYC to extract this data. For more details, please contact us and our sales representative will get in touch with you.

Yes, we are providing Face Match with Aadhaar only as of now. Where you can match the face of the user with the photo provided in the aadhaar card.

Aadhaar verification is a 2-Step process where user need to enter the Aadhaar number first and he/she will receive the OTP from UIDAI on the registered mobile number. After submitting the OTP in the Aadhaar verification API we will provide you the details like user Name, Image, Address , DOB and gender

We verify the signature attached to that XML. If we observe that signature is not in the correct form then we reject that XML. The same is applicable for e-PDF documents.

The 4 digit pin is used for extracting the data from XML, instead of locked XML, Aadhaar offline will provide you with an unlocked XML which you can save for audit purposes or for future references.

No, Both sets of data are fetched from different sources. Hence, it is not possible to fetch them from Aadhaar.