Instant Bank Account Verification API

Verify bank account of an individual instantly before providing any offerings over the internet or conducting a transaction. You can verify bank accounts in mere seconds with our secure APIs and also integrate it onto your web or mobile apps.


Easy and Reliable Bank Account Verification


Hassle-free bulk checks


Credit and Behavior Recognition
Get API Key
Extraction of Multiple Data points

Verify customer details such as Name, Address, Gender, DOB & Photo 

Plug and Play Integration

Easy Integration in your existing application – Mobile or Web using SDKs & APIs 

Real-time downloading

Seamless downloading & uploading of updated information in real-time. 

How to do bank account verification?

  • Fill the enquiry form link
  • Integrate bank account verification API
  • Provide bank account number and IFSC as input
  • Extract the beneficiary name and bank account status as a response of bank account verification API

Where to use this API?


  • KYC & AML

  • Loan Disbursement

  • Customer onboarding