Give instant loans to your customers
Instant Digital Loans

Borrowers today care about speed and experience when looking for loans online. Lenders use our financial data services to check credit worthiness of their customers.

Send money in verified accounts
Verified Partner Payouts

Customers tend to make mistakes while providing bank account information. Make payouts to verified accounts to eliminate errors and fraudlent accounts in your system.

Give benefits to valid customers.
Online Gaming

Online gaming industry requires internal governance to avoid underage users and fraudsters. Secure your platform by verifying  player’s identity and account information.

Verify bank account of an individual instantly before providing any offerings over the internet

Web and Mobile SDKs to digitally fetch ITR submissions of users for providing loans and financial services.

We are currently looking for “anonymized data” partners to help us build a robust bank statement analysis system.

Pull customer’s Bank Statement Report in realtime.
  • Easy to integrate web abd mobile SDKs
  • Net-Banking mode for digital extraction
  • Detailed financial analysis report on transactions
  • All major banks supported and new additions every month
  • Secure, fast and continuously improving for your needs
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Fetch ITR submissions report digitally
Income Tax Return Gateway

Now allow your customers to submit upto 3 years of ITR filings using our intuitive gateway. No more PDF submissions, directly pull data digitally and hassle free. Request data in XML or JSON modes for your applications. APIs & SDKs coming soon for both Mobile and Web.

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Extract and Analyse Bank Statements
Bank Statement Analysis

Using our high performant bank statement gateway, allow customers to submit their bank statement via internet banking mode in a secure way. Get a detailed JSON analysis report to help your risk engine take decisions instantly. SDKs available for both mobile and web.

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