Electrify your careers with us

What makes






Your comfort is priority

Our first order of business is to make you comfortable. Let you find your sweet spot and golder hours. Let you rock when you want to rock. You can take the day off if you feel grumpy. 


Extra freedom to grow, extra room to know

Work is fun when there is a learning required, everyone has extra room to wise up on things which matter to you. You are free to eat your mentor’s brains. You can seriously geek everyone out. 


People first approach

Our introductory chats are amazingly candid. We love meeting people who are confident about their individuality and authenticity works wonders. We value persona over skills and talent any day.


Benefits for a better lifestyle

We overvalue your talents and individuality. Learning Stipends; to help nurture, Fitness Subscriptions; to keep you electric, Entertainment Subscriptions; and much more.


Find your best interests and nail it

Come for a role in marketing and make a career in tech. There’s no lockdown, at Zoop you are free to explore your interests, inclinations and passion. We love people who can wear many hats.


A lit and social co-workplace

There is something in air and we love coming to work. We share a coworking space and you’ll love to see new faces around, everyone’s occupied yet open to conversations. 

Meet Our Leadership.

Ritesh Kothari
Founder & CEO
Vijay Chuttani
Co-founder & CTO

Our Millennials and Gen-Z love working together.

Currently we are looking for..

Graphics Designer – 2+ years experience.
Enterprise Sales Manager – 3-7 years of experience
Senior Business Development Manager – 3-5 years of experience.
QA Engineer – 1 – 3 years of experience
Fullstack Developer – 1 – 4 years of experience
Senior Mobile Developer (Android and iOS) – 3 – 5 years of experience
HR Intern