Bank Statement Analyser

Bank statement analysis reads the transactional data from the customer’s bank account comprising debit and credit transactions which include- balance history, salaries, obligations, transaction pattern and spending behaviour. Using our bank statement analyser you can ascertain a 360 degree review of the customer financial health and track record.


Reduce turnaround time for disbursal


Reduced default rate and increased performing portfolios


Improved & confident scorecards with the details
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Loan and credit card analysis

You can avail accurate details loans, EMIs, payment bounce along with credit card details

Investment and saving details

Investment details like PPF, RD, FD ,NPS, SIP & etc will be fetched and delivered in seconds. 

Analysis Report

Custom analysis of bank statements  – monthly & daily closing balance, withdrawals and recurring transactions. 

FAQs : Bank Statement Analyser API

BSA is not able to fetch the employer name from a bank statement but if you can provide us the name of the company which we will try to match with the salary narration, if it matches completely we can notify you regarding the same.
Yes, Users can be classified as salaried if the salary details are present in a bank statement else it can be treated as self employed. We have observed that due to unstructured data BSA will not be able to identify salary in 100% cases, we suggest you to integrate and analyse some bank statement reports before taking such decisions.
Some of the details of credit card can be fetched from bank statement like monthly payment made from credit card, which app user is using to pay credit card payment and in some case lender details can be provided for credit card
Yes we can provide the machine readable analysis to you separately.We are providing information through 3 API Extraction of raw transaction data from the bank statement in machine readable format. Analysis of the raw data machine readable format which includes categorization, calculations and much more. Analysis will make data more meaningful and sensible Excel report of analysis which will contain raw and analysis details of the user which helps your underwriter to evaluate the customer in less than 10 minutes.
Bank statement analysis is a process where zoop extracts the data from the bank statement, validates every transaction to make sure that no transaction is missing, categorizes the transaction based on different functions and analyse it to create a report. Traditionally a bank statement is analysed by naked eyes which is time consuming and prone to error. Analysing a single bank statement using excel by an underwriter can take more than an hour and underwriter can not capture all the data points which are useful for future analysis that can help you to build more robust systems. Bank statement analyser can be integrated with mobile and web and data points can be combined with other data points like bureau data, alternate data and can be consumed by various systems. Decision rule engine for evaluation of customer. Customer relationship management tools like Zoho, Salesforce. Analytics tools like SaS, tableau, R for performance analysis and report generation.
Currently we are only providing the analysis and excel report on bank statements.We haven’t set up any process for calculating the score on bank statement analysis. But you can create a score or band on the basis of performance of the customer against bank statement analysis data points.
Yes, Zoop can customize reports on the basis of requirements that can help customers in better decision making. We can create customized data points that include and calculation, categorization, addition and deletion of information.