Bank Account Verification

Verify bank account of an individual instantly before providing any offerings over the internet or conducting a transaction. 


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Money matters. Make transactions safer by using Zoop’s bank account verification API to verify bank details before transacting.

Save yourself from the hassle of using cancelled cheques as a means to get correct bank details, and instead integrate with Zoop’s API to get verified bank details!

Our service can be used to fetch details from all leading banks in India that use the popular IMPS network.


Supports 500+ Banks Including Public, Private, And Cooperative Banks


Supports Current And Saving Account Verification


Reliable Results

In 2021, Citigroup Inc. sent half a billion dollars to the wrong account number “by mistake”.

The judge in the case ruled that the money would not be returned.

to add to the blow, Citigroup had to pay 400 million dollars in fines, for the missing regulatory compliance that allowed the mistake to occur.

Use our Bank Account verification service to:

  • Give instant loans - Lenders use our financial data services to check credit worthiness of their customers.

  • Make verified partner payouts - Make payouts to verified accounts to eliminate manual errors and identify fraudulent accounts.

  • Verify customers - Online gaming industry requires internal governance to avoid underage users and fraudsters. Secure your platform by verifying player’s identity and account information.

Extraction of Multiple Data points

Verify customer details such as Name, Address, Gender, DOB & Photo 

Plug and Play Integration

Easy Integration in your existing application – Mobile or Web using SDKs & APIs 

Real-time downloading

Seamless downloading & uploading of updated information in real-time. 

How To Integrate And Verify Bank Account Details

  • Fill the enquiry form link

  • Integrate the Bank Account Verification API on your web or mobile applications

  • Provide bank account number and IFSC code as API input

  • Extract the account Name and Status as a response of the Bank Account Verification API

You can use this API for
  • Banking
  • Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Background Verification
  • Payouts
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Bank account verification verifies both saving and current accounts. They don’t provide the facility to verify the NRE and NRO bank account.

We use the IMPS network built by NPCI to credit the penny from remitter’s bank account to the beneficiary bank account and in response you receive bank account status and account holder’s name.

In Basic Bank Account Verification API, we credit 1 rupee in the users account, this amount is fixed.

Whereas in the advance API, we credit anywhere between Rs.1 to 1.25 instead of 1 rupee.

Bank verification API will be useful for reducing manual operations like collecting canceled cheques and statements. You can onboard, complete eKYC, and verify the bank account in merely a second.

Indian banks that are using the IMPS network issued by NPCI for the money transfer can be verified. 500+ banks including public, private, and cooperative banks can be verified with bank account verification API.

According to NPCI official document beneficiary bank can only return 20 characters this will include blank spaces as well as special characters.

We are using the IMPS network built by NPCI to credit the penny. The penny is credited from our bank account to the beneficiary bank account.

In Bank Account verification Lite we credit 1 rupee to the beneficiary account while in Advanced the random amount is the credit between rupee 1.00 to 1.24.

The IFSC number is used to confirm if the account number belongs to the bank or not, In case if IFSC number is invalid but it belongs to the same bank you can verify the Account. EG: If a bank account belongs to HDFC Pune but the user has entered HDFC Delhi branch IFSC the amount will be credited and it will get verified.