Avoid stolen vehicles in your fleet
Delivery Fleet On-boarding

When it comes to fleet onboarding, verifying the vehicle ownership brings in compliance. Additionaly secure your operations by verifying driver’s license.

Simplify how you list vehicles
Used Vehicle Commerce

Second-hand vehicle sellers and buyers are turning towards facilitators. It is important to give them a secure experience by verifying vehicle ownership.

Generate insurance quotes instantly
Vehicle Insurance

By knowing the vehicle’s detail and insurance status, it is possible to remind and show relevant offers to customers that are closing in towards renewal.

API that allows you to validate the basic vehicle details like ownership, permit and more for both commercial and private vehicles from vehicle’s RC number.

Advance Vehicle Report

API that allows you to validate and provides detailed information regarding vehicle ownership, permit, finance, and insurance details from vehicle’s RC number.

Fetch detailed Vehicle information
  • Fetch vehicle’s ownership details
  • Fetch vehicle’s financier info (if any)
  • Fetch vehicle’s insurance provider details
  • Fetch vehicle’s class and permit details
  • Fetch vehicle’s chassis and engine number
Get API Keys
Also verify, Driving license of your fleet.
Driving License API

API to verify and receive driving license details as well as check the status of the driving license of the fleet by passing driver license number and date of birth of the fleet.

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Allow customer to fetch RC via Digilocker
Digilocker SDK

Mobile and Web-based SDK that provides you verified documents directly from digilocker that are available in customer’s digilocker account.

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